Soy Cereal

Breakfast just got healthier! Enjoy your favourite cereals with soy milk!

Tau Fu Fa (Soy Pudding)

Silky smooth daily-made 'Tau Fu Fa' (soy pudding). Drizzle brown syrup, ginger syrup or regular syrup, the choice is yours...

Roasted Edamame

Utterly addictive! These lightly salted roasted edamame are crunchy on the outside and chewy in the inside.

Soy muffins

Soft, fluffy, moist & tasty soy muffins. Pick from chocolate chip, banana and vanilla flavour.


We specialise in providing fresh, healthy soy products to Malaysians. Our most popular products are prepared inhouse. All our products are made fresh daily from beans that are certified as
non-genetically modified.